Lounge Wear Makes Life Easier!!

Lounge Wear Makes Life Easier!!

  • Latoya Hunt

I know alot of you babes have noticed this wide spread trend of Lounge Wear popping up left and right in some of the most famous brands worldwide. That is largely in part to the worlds recent encounter with the panademic COVID-19. 

COVID-19 has forced many of us to rearrange our lives and how we go about doing things. That includes how we shop for our wardrobe as well. With more and more people practicing social distancing it has become important for may of us to still look fabulous while we are in the house.

Lounge wear allows us to look and feel our best while we are inside. The trend most focuses on feel good looks that  comes in many different shades ranging from brights to more muted tones. Our collection has styles that include biker sets, maxi dresses and 2 piece legging sets.

We tried to incorporate this seasons hottest trend, the Tie Dye as well. We offered 2 different shades of Tie Dye Biker Shorts with matching face masks. These looks were curated in an effort to keep you safe but also to definitely look bomb while doing so.

Be sure sure to check out our latest collection of JUST CHILL LEGGINGS SETS as well as our Tie DYE BIKER SHORTS SETS. 

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