Friday Night Outfit Ease

Friday Night Outfit Ease

  • Latoya Hunt

You ever have plans for Friday night but have no idea what to wear? You knew all week you had plans but because you are so busy you keep putting off planning your outfit? 

Lol, don't worry girl you are not the only one. Here are some quick tips for you to be prepared for your next Fun and Fab Friday.

First thing you want to do is decide what kind of vibe you want to go with. Whether it's flirty, comfy or chic, decide early how you want to look.

Next you should pull out at least 3 outfits from your closet early in the day. Try them on to see if they fit the way you want or if you might need to swap out any piece or add some accessories or shoes.

If nothing works, you could always pull out one of the jumpers that are listed on our website such as the Instyle Romper. This chic and effortless look is your perfect choice for Friday night fun. It's totally comfy, stylish and can be worn all year long with just a change of accessories.

So your next Friday, don't stress girl. You got options when it comes to your fits.